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Who are we?

Hybrid  is ideally situated along Lake Neuchatel, the birthplace of microelectronics and microtechnology. Founded in 1989 by Mr. Gaille, the company has grown from two faithful employees in 1989 to 54 in 2011. Turnover for 2011 amounted to 13,300,000 Swiss Francs for 900,000 assembled circuits.


      • 1. DatacomDomaines
      • 2. Sensors
      • 3. Industry
      • 4. Medical
      • 5. Security

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  • Founded in 1989 by Mr. Gaille, the company was bought by managers (MBO) in 2004.

  • The executive committee has for its mission: To create and maintain long-term jobs in our region for trained and qualified personnel. To meet the needs of customers by accessing the ingenuity of every employee.
  • The economic and industrial policy of Hybrid SA holds that respect for people and the environment are not negotiable. Hybrid SA sponsors social and environmental projects.


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Skills and Technology

  • We meet specific and demanding problems with art and style, choosing the best ways to make products in terms of complexity and miniaturization. The quantity and diversity of our products allow us to improve our skills every day.
  • The marriage of skills and technology gives rise to durable solutions for products.

The goals of the company

  • As a company, Hybrid SA is an expert in designing, manufacturing and marketing high-tech electronic products that require specific know-how.
  • Hybrid SA seeks to serve its customers by providing complete control of product design and making sure to satisfy the requests and specific requirements.
  • We offer clients our technological knowledge as well as our ability to perform complex operations on high-quality products. This ensures that your products earn their place in an increasingly progress-oriented market filled with new technologies.



  • In order to broaden our range of skills, Hybrid SA favors partnerships with companies specializing in related fields.

  • For the development of modules and integrated circuits (ASICs), Hybrid SA draws on the expertise of HMT microelectronic AG in Biel.

  • Knowledge of the French market in Paris’ General Hybrid is an asset to management and the administration of trade relations.

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