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  • The executive committee consists of four members whose mission is to manage the company with effectiveness and efficiency. They work daily to use the manufacturing environment (buildings and equipment) as well as the ingenuity of each employee in the most productive way.
  • Respect for the social and ecological environment is a priority at Hybrid SA.

Management comitee

  • J.-C Porret
    J.-C Porret Directeur, actif depuis 1998 chez Hybrid SA
  • J.-M. Mayor
    J.-M. Mayor Responsable conception et développement, actif depuis 1991 chez Hybrid SA
  • Y. Jacot
    Y. Jacot Responsable qualité, active depuis 2002 chez Hybrid SA
  • J.-D. Calame
    J.-D. Calame Responsable de l’environnement de fabrication, actif depuis 2000 chez Hybrid SA